Max. He’s exceptional. He loves to look at the sky and talk to birds. He is attracted to airplanes and will follow them with his eyes for several minutes. And the crows, a very complex conversation takes place between them. I believe that they understand each other perfectly.
The human version of my dog was supposed to become an aviator 🙂

24 x 20 acrylic.
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My Winter

I loved the process of creating this painting.
Canada, winter, all covered in snow. But some trees still have leaves and that means not everything is white.
This paint has several layers. I brought to the surface some interesting colours from the previous ones. And since it’s on wood, I sometimes scratch the surface with the sandpaper:) Acrylic is my favourite medium.
This painting has found a new home!

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Power of light

Light in the house, so familiar and cozy. We don’t think otherwise. We connect to the Internet, search, read, send messages. But, suddenly, a power outage. Disaster !!! What else can we do. Our life has stopped 🙁 But this is an opportunity to meet at the table with a oil lamp, read a book or tell stories. It’s so magical!

Acrylic on the wood panel.

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Continuation of “dogs-owners” theme

My experience of walking dogs can be summarized in two words: pull and push ?

When my dog decides to stop and sniff something, the planet stops rotating, everything stops and silently waits for his Majesty to decide to budge. And he can stay in one place for 5-10 minutes.

“Hey doggy! It is Canada, winter !!!” And I try to move him until the next stop ?

It is a sketch for the bigger format painting.

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Walking with dog

If you are dog’s owner, you are probably familiar with the “pull – push” game dogs playing with us 🙂

Here is my “normal” walk with my lovely dog ! ?

Acrylic painting, 16″ X 20″

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Evening walk on the planet Mars

They are like us: two legs, two hands. They love dogs.

What do we know about Mars?  There is no evidence of life, because there is no “living environment”, there is no water.

This is mistake! Only earthlings need oxygen.  Martises are different!  They breathe carbon dioxide.

Mars is named after the Roman god of war, but Martises are very peaceful. They are the same as we are: two legs, two arms. They love dogs. Almost every family has a dog. Favorite season is the yellow rain season. The rain is delicious and can be eaten raw. You heard right, you can eat it. The fact is that yellow rain falls in the form of large gelatinous drops. Even the dogs love it.

What about transportation on Mars? This is the theme of my next painting. I hope you follow me. See you soon !

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We are strong together

So fragile and yet so strong. And if they are also together, then they are invincible.

It happened when I was 7 years old. Since childhood, I had the makings of a leader and usually I easily managed to convince my peers of something.
Every week in our city they sold one-day chickens. Little fluffy creatures sat in boxes and waited for their fate.
Mom’s day was approaching and I managed to persuade that the best gift would be a dozen chickens. It was all worth a penny and five of my friends proudly carried gifts home. Her mothers will be delighted !
My mother turned out to be the “luckiest”, because in the evening all the chickens were in our apartment, on the 4th floor of a high-rise building. Somehow, other moms didn’t find the gift “perfect” 🙂
Our kitchen was partitioned off in two and all 60 little furry creatures were running around, enjoying life and demanding food.
My parents knew me very well and never swore. “Anya, hurry to the store, we need to feed 60 mouths,” smiling, my mother gave the order to me.

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