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So fragile and yet so strong. And if they are also together, then they are invincible.

It happened when I was 7 years old. Since childhood, I had the makings of a leader and usually I easily managed to convince my peers of something.
Every week in our city they sold one-day chickens. Little fluffy creatures sat in boxes and waited for their fate.
Mom’s day was approaching and I managed to persuade that the best gift would be a dozen chickens. It was all worth a penny and five of my friends proudly carried gifts home. Her mothers will be delighted !
My mother turned out to be the “luckiest”, because in the evening all the chickens were in our apartment, on the 4th floor of a high-rise building. Somehow, other moms didn’t find the gift “perfect” 🙂
Our kitchen was partitioned off in two and all 60 little furry creatures were running around, enjoying life and demanding food.
My parents knew me very well and never swore. “Anya, hurry to the store, we need to feed 60 mouths,” smiling, my mother gave the order to me.