“Love” 💗¸Acrylic painting of two of our dogs. They are inseparable. I believe it’s love!

We were looking for a second dog for adoption. And finally, a young dog was available for adoption, a mix of Labrador, Terrier and Schnauzer. We took our dog Maggy to meet a new family member. Everything was fine, the dogs behaved well in the shelter. The new dog liked to travel in the car. How lucky we are !

The trouble started when we got home. Maggy immediately said that the new dog was not welcome in the house. She didn’t want to share her home. I panicked, 🙄 We need to get our new dog back. Nothing will work.”

Three days later, dislike turned to love. two dogs were following each other everywhere. We named him Max.

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Continuation of “dogs-owners” theme

My experience of walking dogs can be summarized in two words: pull and push ?

When my dog decides to stop and sniff something, the planet stops rotating, everything stops and silently waits for his Majesty to decide to budge. And he can stay in one place for 5-10 minutes.

“Hey doggy! It is Canada, winter !!!” And I try to move him until the next stop ?

It is a sketch for the bigger format painting.

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Walking with dog

If you are dog’s owner, you are probably familiar with the “pull – push” game dogs playing with us 🙂

Here is my “normal” walk with my lovely dog ! ?

Acrylic painting, 16″ X 20″

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