Power of light

Light in the house, so familiar and cozy. We don’t think otherwise. We connect to the Internet, search, read, send messages. But, suddenly, a power outage. Disaster !!! What else can we do. Our life has stopped 🙁 But this is an opportunity to meet at the table with a oil lamp, read a book or tell stories. It’s so magical!

Acrylic on the wood panel.

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Evening walk on the planet Mars

They are like us: two legs, two hands. They love dogs.

What do we know about Mars?  There is no evidence of life, because there is no “living environment”, there is no water.

This is mistake! Only earthlings need oxygen.  Martises are different!  They breathe carbon dioxide.

Mars is named after the Roman god of war, but Martises are very peaceful. They are the same as we are: two legs, two arms. They love dogs. Almost every family has a dog. Favorite season is the yellow rain season. The rain is delicious and can be eaten raw. You heard right, you can eat it. The fact is that yellow rain falls in the form of large gelatinous drops. Even the dogs love it.

What about transportation on Mars? This is the theme of my next painting. I hope you follow me. See you soon !

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